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Table Refinishing

Our dear friends, Katy and Austin gave to us a table they no longer desired. Adrienne and i gladly accepted the free item, as we often do. My dad had done a paint drip thing on his garage floor and … Continue reading

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about the hair…

*UPDATE – Due to the unknown whereabouts of our digital camera, no belly pictures can be posted today. As soon as we find it, you’ll know…because you’ll see pictures!*   I’m a failure. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t make … Continue reading

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Giggle giggle Tonka

“What shall we do today, lady?” Taylor Brown said adoringly to wife (smile).  “Let’s go on an adventure, my love” replied Adrienne as she smiled lovingly at him .  After that adorable little conversation between spouses, they were off to … Continue reading

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Seasoned Lives

We are learning the colors of autumn, and as these hues appear each day more vivid, as the trees send their leaves to death in a burst of jubilant glory, I muse on the seasons and the life cycle God … Continue reading

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Game On.

First move to the Red Baron. We are minus one Barred Rock hen and speedy trips to our dreams. Trapped or murdered, another will probably take his place, from what I can find out. Distressed rabbit call, stinky bait, or maybe … Continue reading

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Where we’re headed…?

Here‘s a great article I found (on a great website) that revels in the glory of the farm life, and spells out pretty well our hoped-for trajectory in that arena. nb

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Begin informational plug. There’s a website you music-lovers should check out called Daytrotter – Basically, Daytrotter is a recording studio that brings a new band through their doors every day to record 4 or 5 songs, using room mics … Continue reading

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Generational “R”s

Recycling is so sexy. All the cool kids do it. And we feel good about doing it. But the other day, when Taylor dropped off a bunch of stuff at the recycling center, the man running the place told him … Continue reading

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Greasy hair, oily face, and a round belly…

Hey guys! It’s Kate. How do you like my title? Classy, I know. I am 23 weeks pregnant today! Here are a few, 23 week belly pics… Okay, enough of that…So…about that greasy hair. That’s right! I’m trying a little … Continue reading

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The Great Pumpkin Adventure

Once upon a time, there were two super cutsy girls named Kate and Adrienne and after many conversations about what they liked and what they didn’t like, they both realized that they both just loved the Fall season.  There is … Continue reading

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