We had our first official meeting with our midwife today! Her name is Kelly, and she’s quite cool, also we agree on tons of things – concerning the industrialization of our food and medicine systems, the wastefulness of our churches, and so on and so on. All of those will be blogged about more extensively in the future, of course.

You should definitely check out her blog as well – http://fearlessbirth.wordpress.com

Nothing new to report overall – we did hear the baby’s heartbeat on the fetal heart monitor, and also we discovered that Kate needs to drink more water :). She advised us on farming life (we’re getting closer to goats) and gave us some words of wisdom about the birth process. She just had a baby a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a picture of Kelly, Kate, and baby Gunnarr (in front of our art wall, naturally).

She also recommended a couple of books:

The Natural Pregnancy Book


Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

If you’ve seen the documentary The Business of Being Born, you’ll remember Ina May as the old hippie lady. If you haven’t seen the documentary, you simply must. You can stream it on Netflix, or probably rent it at your classic (dying) video-rental stores. Anyhow, Ina May apparently has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about how women’s bodies were made to give birth. Kelly’s lending the books to us when we see her next, in a few weeks.

Today, I think I’ll try to build an entertainment center.


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4 Responses to Midwifingness

  1. Will says:

    May I suggest, after goats, pigs? Super easy to raise, 2 litters a year, and bacon? You know, meat candy? Just a thought Natedog. Keep it real

  2. yumm….meat candy…

  3. Friend Mouse says:

    I think goats are a great plan. I know next to nothing about raising goats, but I’ve heard that if you’re going to have goats, you need good fences. Good luck with that!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I read Ina May’s book and thought it was so inspiring, and I wasn’t even giving birth. It was an amazing introduction to the issues peppered with beautiful and encouraging birth stories. The Business of Being Born is on my list!

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