The Great Pumpkin Adventure

Once upon a time, there were two super cutsy girls named Kate and Adrienne and after many conversations about what they liked and what they didn’t like, they both realized that they both just loved the Fall season.  There is nothing quite as cozy and romantic as a crisp Autumn day when the leaves are just beginning to change to red and golden yellow.

Now both of the girls were anticipating the Great Pumpkin Festival that was quickly approaching but soon realized that their  beloved husbands would be working that day and would not be able to attend the festival. Now did this stop the super cutsy friends from going to pick out just the right pumpkin at the Great Pumpkin festival? No siree.  Instead of just going to a festival, Kate and Adrienne would now go on the Great Pumpkin Adventure. It had to be an adventure because for two girls like these two, getting from point A to point B by themselves is always quite an undertaking. They both hopped in the car without another thought and headed off on their adventure.

Now, even though the two girls are very close friends, one of the girls, I am not saying who, decided to not tell her friend that this was not just a short forty-five minute drive but instead, well over an hour. She knew that her friend would probably opt out of going if this was the case.  But little did they both know that when they neared the Pumpkin Festival, the line of traffic into the fairgrounds would take another hour and a half.  Needless to say, it was a long car ride. And after finally discovering the massive parking lot/formally known as a corn field, the girls were ready to get their festival on, even though now they both had a major hike ahead of them to get out of the old corn field, which wasn’t terribly appealing to either of them.

But once they finally arrived at the festival, it was everything they had wanted it to be. The sights, the smells, the sounds all danced around together giving the girls the most Fallish fabulous feeling.  They found pumpkin pot-pourri, and pumpkin fudge (that was out of this world bee-tee-dub), and of course fields of pumpkins.

They ate the most delicious, hand-made corny dogs. Kate had her’s with ketchup and mustard while Adrienne went with the classic ketchup only.  As they ate, people watching was their main activity, and boy was it something to write home about. Fairs and festivals always attract some interesting people.

Now,  by this time, the sun was beginning to blaze the little adventurers backs, and their feet were growing terribly tired,  and so it was time for the girls to pick out the perfect pumpkin to take home to their husbands. Of course after finding these pumpkins, they both felt compelled to take a few more cutsy pictures in the pumpkin patch before calling it a day.


And as they began to make their enormous trek back through the massive corn field parking lot, and now carrying their pumpkins, exhausted and perspiring, Adrienne and Kate soon realized that they could not remember where they parked.  But they soon were miraculously led back to their car by a couple who had arrived at the same, exact time the girls had several hours before. And as Kate and Adrienne got into their car, a family that had also arrived at the same time as they did, were also leaving. This just goes to show you that no matter how wonderful a Fall festival is, there is an appropriate amount of time to stay there until it is time to go home. And the girls did go home, and now they live happily ever after, pumpkins and all.

The End.

by Adrienne Rene’ Brown

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One Response to The Great Pumpkin Adventure

  1. Benny Baby says:

    A classic corn dog would be with mustard only. Ketchup on a corn dog is not wrong, but it certainly isn’t right

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