Begin informational plug.

There’s a website you music-lovers should check out called Daytrotter – www.daytrotter.com. Basically, Daytrotter is a recording studio that brings a new band through their doors every day to record 4 or 5 songs, using room mics to get more of a “live, rough feel.” Then they write an article about the band, and provide the songs to download for free, no strings attached. I love it, because the songs you get are not super-top-quality mixed, but they sound great, and they’re originals, and you can find lots of new bands. Here are some of the bands I’ve come to enjoy, because of Daytrotter:

The National

Bon Iver

Andrew Bird

Ha Ha Tonka

Vampire Weekend

And here’s a playlist with those great bands and the songs I love…enjoy!

Lull – Andrew Bird

Fiery Crash – Andrew Bird

Caney Mountain – Ha Ha Tonka

M 79 – Vampire Weekend

Slow Show – The National

Lucky You – The National

Lump Sum – Bon Iver

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One Response to Tuned

  1. Joel says:

    LOVE IT that you are taking a shine to Andrew Bird, Bon Iver, and The National. Some of my recent favs as well. Have you delved into any Noah & the Whale, Mumford & Sons, or the new Sufjan Stevens album yet? All well worth the listen.

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