Seasoned Lives

We are learning the colors of autumn, and as these hues appear each day more vivid, as the trees send their leaves to death in a burst of jubilant glory, I muse on the seasons and the life cycle God built into the earth, and how we fit (or no longer fit) into it.

Spring, life, potential, blooms, planting, growing, newness, burst of energy

Summer, growth, sweat, toil, insects buzzing, busyness, long days

Autumn, fall, harvest, colors, preparation, storing, collecting

Winter, quiet, cold, death, short days, rest, play

At least, those are the things I think of when I consider the way the earth responds to each season of the year. We’ve become almost completely isolated from these rhythms with our industrial (and post-industrial) 9-to-5 production world. The only things that we change throughout the seasons are our clothes and our recreational activities – swimming and sledding. No one stores up for the winter, no one preserves, cans, freezes, stockpiles. No one rests in the winter – indeed, the holiday seasons have caused our November-February to be overwhelmingly busy.

I like the idea of responding to time like the earth does, instead of insulating myself from its rhythms. It’s been around longer than I have been, and I tend to think that me and mine have forgotten some of the better ways of thinking and living and tending and cultivating.

Also, I like the idea of resting in the winter. It just seems right.


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2 Responses to Seasoned Lives

  1. Jess says:

    wow that red tree is beautiful

  2. Friend Mouse says:

    Perhaps one day the red tree must succumb to the chainsaw of life? Perhaps.

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