Giggle giggle Tonka

“What shall we do today, lady?” Taylor Brown said adoringly to wife (smile).  “Let’s go on an adventure, my love” replied Adrienne as she smiled lovingly at him .  After that adorable little conversation between spouses, they were off to Ha Ha Tonka State park, which was absolutely breathtaking in the golden yellow and burnt red colors of Fall. They had a wonderful time. See for yourself.

Taylor mesmerized by the beauty.

Adrienne basking in the glorious weather.

They went up stairs...

They went down stairs...

They saw pretty red things...

They saw cool blue things...

They even saw themselves.

And after gazing at the balancing rock which was put there by Mother Nature (btw)...


They followed the winding, leafy path back home. It had been a good day.

The end.

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4 Responses to Giggle giggle Tonka

  1. John Bevil says:

    Wonderful – thanks for sharing – change of seasons – not much of that visible here

  2. Aige – I love this!

  3. benandrobin says:

    I felt like I was reading a classic children’s book. That’s it, we’re moving to the Ozarks!! (well, prolly not =(…)


  4. Caroline Brown says:

    funsies!! thought i don’t think it’s polite for you to lie about the conversation ya’ll had before embarking on that journey. something tells me that didn’t really go down.

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