Table Refinishing

Our dear friends, Katy and Austin gave to us a table they no longer desired. Adrienne and i gladly accepted the free item, as we often do. My dad had done a paint drip thing on his garage floor and we attempted to do the same on our new table. Watch now, please.

I had originally made the video with “Color my world” by Chicago, but copyright wouldn’t allow it. So, Fleetfoxes will have to do. In the credits, when it says, “great song, huh?”, i was referring to Chicago.

Also, in this post i will include photos of our Whiz Chiz, or Wii Chi Chiserson, or Tool Cat. He is very friendly and affectionate (i.e. enjoys being scratched). He hasn’t killed any rodents yet, but has taken out a few moths. We await a massacre of mammals.

that’s all.

P.S. windows movie maker is tons better than imovie. seriously.

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6 Responses to Table Refinishing

  1. Mrs. Tullos says:

    Yay! We love it! And it was so bittersweet to see you guys sitting around it with the Garcias! We are calling you….now.

  2. Caroline Brown says:

    oh man, i love that table. only slightly bummed you painted it. can i have it when ya’ll are done?

    oh, and HIMZ A CHIMZ!

  3. Claire VonderMehden says:

    Cool video. Don’t dig the song. Sounds like you are beginning to ‘feel’ things for Wiz Chiz.

  4. Travis Brown says:

    ii neku desu ne

  5. Adrienne Brown says:

    Caroline, done with what? Done eating on a cool painted table?

  6. Janice says:

    it’s because they love him most!

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