Pretty much a success this morning. We went to Tunas again, and the Mennonite folk were there this time. They said last Tuesday they just happened to have been gone all day (voting, perhaps?). So we got 2.5 gallons of raw milk, for $5. We would have gotten 3 gallons, but one of our half-gallon containers broke in the car. Next time we’ll probably get several more gallons; this time we just wanted to check and see how we like it. Also, we’re short on containers currently.

So Kate poured the milk into bowls and put it in the fridge…now we’ll wait for the cream to rise, then skim it off and make butter (and who knows what else). We’ll freeze a gallon and keep a gallon and a half in the fridge – it stays good for about 10 days.

Now, raw milk is legal in Missouri, if you sell it from your farm directly to customers. It cannot be sold in stores. Other states have completely outlawed raw milk. I point my digital finger at them: Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, Montana, Iowa, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey (note the lack of liberty surrounding our nation’s capitol). Still other states make it very difficult to obtain raw milk.

We vehemently encourage all of you to look into purchasing raw milk, EVEN IF you live in one of these states (oh there are ways…we can help you Marylanders, at least). Governments disallowing the sale of this age-old food is not only sickeningly industry-friendly (it protects the big milk companies, and the whole [questionable] homogenization/pasteurization schema), it is potentially sickening. Much of the milk at the grocery store, unless it says otherwise (or is organic), comes from cows fed rBGH. “Studies” have not shown any link from rBGH to illness – at least according to the labeling on the milk cartons at the grocery store – but I’m not really convinced. Also, rBGH is a piece of that horrific industrial pie that we are progressively throwing away here at The Ozark House – rBGH treats animals like machines. Animals are not “people.” But they’re not machines either – they’re a part of the creation we were ordered to tend and care for.

Another reason we drink raw milk: pasteurization destroys the beneficial micro-organisms that live in milk naturally. These good-bacteria aid in the digestion of raw milk, and can potentially just make you healthier (think: probiotics). Some people who are lactose-intolerant have found raw milk to be digestible, a phenomenon attributed to the live bacteria that aid in the digestion of the milk. Here is a whole website devoted to raw milk and educating people about its benefits.

Click here to read a 2007 article from Time magazine about the difficulty of purchasing raw milk in our backwards nation.

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5 Responses to RAAAAWWWWW MILK

  1. Kyle says:

    Looks delicious. We just started getting our milk from a dairy on the MD-PA border, and I don’t ever want to look back. =)

  2. nacm0326x says:

    Hey, Sue Barber here. It lasts longer than 10 days, and when it does go, you can make use of it still for bread starters and cheese.
    That is an awesome price- it’s between $6 – $10 a gallon here.

  3. Dave Safstrom says:

    I’m dig dig diggin’ the beard!

  4. Friend Mouse says:

    Odd, but you never much cared for cow-milk when you were a youngin’. Maybe because it wasn’t raw enough? The butter needs some salt. Don’t spill that stuff!

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