Updates from Kate…

Howdy! Well, today marks the official first day of my 3rd trimester! I can’t believe we’re going to meet our little mouse in less than 3 months! We call it our little mouse because we got tired of calling it “the baby”, and we can’t call it him/her or little boy/girl because we don’t know yet. The boys have been working most days of the week, and on their days off they spend their time hunting, playing video games, keeping the wood-burning stove fire blazing, tending to outside yard and animal chores, and spending time with their girls. Adrienne just finished up her internship, and now she is a month away from graduating. So, she spends most of her time chiseling away at her school work, and in her free time she crochets while watching Woody Allen movies, gives love and attention to Tool Cat, and scorches calories to P90X videos. And I’ll be completely honest with you people. I’ve been taking it easy lately. I’m starting to notice myself getting more sleepy these days. I spend most of my time cleaning, cooking, baking, walking, doing yoga and pilates, napping, taking baths, reading, and nesting (getting everything ready for our child). God has blessed me with a quiet, stress-free season. I am so grateful, and our midwife says that’s probably why I have had an uneventful pregnancy with no complications. Praise God for that! Also, still doing the oil cleansing method and loving it. Many of you have tried it as well and love it too, so I hear. Nathan and I took these pictures this morning, 28 weeks today:

Other Updates:

I made this quilted curtain.

Nathan and I remodeled our bathroom. Here’s some before and after pictures.



Nathan and I planted some bulbs that we can’t wait to see pop up this spring!

Here’s before:

After we pulled weeds, planted bulbs, and fed them water:

Now we wait.

So it looks like the fall colors came and went already. Here is the tree we fell in love with a few weeks ago:

And here it is today:

So winter is fast-approaching, but that’s okay because the holidays are too! Nathan and I are leaving this Saturday to drive down to Texas for Thanksgiving. While we are down there we are spending the night with Nathan’s aunt and uncle, Duane and Gail Bechtold, attending the famous Lauren Lancaster and Kyle Worley’s wedding, visiting our dear friends, Ben and Robin Garcia, attending Brian Gunter and Melanie McDermott’s wedding, being thrown a baby shower, and spending precious time with Nathan’s family. It will be a busy week, but we are so excited to be with our loved-ones! While we are gone, Taylor and Adrienne will stay here and host Thanksgiving for all of Adrienne’s family who are all coming to town. So from all of us here at the Ozark House, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

This pic is just for fun:


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4 Responses to Updates from Kate…

  1. Caroline Brown says:

    kate you are absolutely gorgeous!! i know you’ll be busy, but i’m crossing my fingers i get to see you while your in texas! and the bathroom looks great! and i’m totes jelly* about the baby….i need to get me one of those….

    * totally jealous.

  2. Mrs. Tullos says:

    You look adorable! If you are anything like I was you will rearrange everything you can get your hands on a million more times before the baby arrives. Also, I’m super impressed with the remodel! We have our eye on that same project for our house sometime in the future. As I read that you guys were going down to TX I thought “Oh maybe they can stop by on their way” and then I remembered that we are not on the way. Please send me your address!

  3. Sister says:

    why did you get tired of calling it “the baby” that’s what it is, isn’t it? Hmm.

    Also you look super cutey little katherine. You are just all baby and it’s precious. I can’t wait to meet the ‘little mouse’ that I love so much already.

    And I’m very happy/excited to see y’all next week, especially that you’ll be here on my birthday.

  4. Claire VonderMehden says:

    I get to see you at the wedding.
    Please let me touch your belly when you get here.
    You’re posts are the most entertaining to read.

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