Happy Thanks

A very happy Thanksgiving to you all from the Ozark House!

Today, Kate and I find ourselves in south Texas, celebrating with my mother’s family. Doing a little hunting, too – hoping to bring some wild hog meat back to Missouri…bacon (“meat candy” according to Will Flora).

Taylor and Adrienne are holding down the Ozark House, celebrating the day with Adrienne’s fam, who came up from the Dallas area.

In other news, our baby weighs about as much as a butternut squash – according to babycenter.com – and it’s been jumpin’ around lots!

More substantial posts soon to come…but until then, our thanks to you for following our blog, and thanks to our great God for His daily, hourly, constant provision and love.

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2 Responses to Happy Thanks

  1. Katy Tullos says:

    I love the produce comparisons! We are so excited to see all of you soon!

  2. Friend Mouse says:

    Baby Bechtold will most certainly be much sweeter than butternut squash or any other kind of veggie. More hen eggs these days? Congrats to Taylor on the doe-deer. Have you done a “taste test” comparing it with your buck? Probably indiscernible. I’m hard-pressed to tell the difference in bacon from a sow versus bacon from a boar.

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