It’s been an interesting week. Here are the highlights…

Monday our well pump stopped working. Well, Kate and I were still driving back from Texas, so Taylor talked to my uncles (our landlords) and decided to call a local pump service. A shorted wire replaced, and $160 later, here we are, with happy Ozark water.

Also Monday the oven ceased to work. More on that later…

Monday night we celebrated Advent with some of our friends. It was a great time – tasty food and happy liturgical worship times complete with readings from The Book of Common Prayer, and Isaiah 40.

Tuesday was raw milk day – so we drove to Tunas again to get some! Turns out the days are switched (our provider sells it every other day), so there were only 2.5 gallons set aside for us – we had hoped to get 7.5. But our Mennonite friend gave us some tips on milk-cow-raising (she suggested a Jersey, which is what we already wanted)!

Tuesday we cut the Christmas tree – from our own land here, for free! It’s a little large, but it works, and we trimmed it up a bit to fit in the living room.

Thursday we obtained a new oven from a sweet find on Craigslist – the thing looks great, works well, and was only $100 – vent hood included. So Kate and I drove to Ashland (1 hour) and picked it up. Craigslist rocks. I check it most days, just to see what I might get for dirt cheap or free.

We also met with Kelly, our midwife, on Thursday. She confirmed Kate’s suspicions that she is fighting off some kind of illness right now (urinalysis). She also told her to eat more – specifically more proteins and healthy fats. So if you have any fun suggestions for fattening foods for Kate to eat, feel free to leave them in the comment box. 🙂 I vote Blue Bell ice cream….but I don’t know if that’s what she meant.

Kate is also making some pretty cool Christmas ornaments (pictures to come soon). Taylor tried to eat one. Well, he did eat one.

We are still only averaging about one egg per day. Infernal birds.

The rest of the week has seen me and Taylor putting together a bid for a potential painting job and working around the property – putting up a deer stand, clearing area for an orchard, splitting wood, burning brush, shooting squirrels – Adrienne trying to endure the final weeks of her college life and crocheting our Christmas stockings (procrastinating, admittedly), and Kate getting kicked in the ribs by our little mouse – while she’s under the weather, no less.

Life is motion – and God keeps giving it to us.

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10 Responses to Eventful

  1. Claire VonderMehden says:

    ONE BLOG POINT FOR NATHAN! Great visuals. Short and Sweet.

  2. Caroline Brown says:

    kate, make avocados your best friend.

  3. dan black says:

    First thought was avocados too!

    Just out of curiosity, do they/yall pasteurize the milk (if at all)?

  4. Avocadoes = normally a good suggestion, except that strangely avocadoes are Kate’s anti-craving these days. She don’t like ’em (and she used to love them). Sad, but true…
    And no, the milk is completely unpasteurized.

  5. Friend Mouse says:

    If you cannot come up with any fattening foods without help, then “help” is what you need…of the “shrink” variety. But, in the Spirit of the Season, here’s one that is perhaps unique (two thought of avocados…bet none thought of this immediately (what does that tell you?)). Kate should eat plenty of fruitcake. It’s the “magic” food…full of all the essentials…fruits, nuts, protein, carbs, fat, vitamins galore, and is chocked full of calories guaranteed to put on the pounds, with the added bonus of being quite delicious! Plus, this time of year, they are plentiful and (if you know the right (or wrong?) friends, they might even give you theirs for free!! Now try to top that suggestion. Merry Christmas.

  6. Mrs. Tullos says:

    Yogurt, certain fish (in limited quantites)…..more later, I have to jog my memory. Oh..cheese and crackers is a great snack(and the extra protein really helps give a little boost of energy)!

  7. Todd Smith says:

    Too many chemicals in Blue Bell, Nate — make your own ice cream! Hope all is well, and we miss ya.

  8. Benoit says:

    Two words: Egg Nog. It might not have any nutritional value, but it is fatty. My “Southern Comfort” brand Nog has 5g. of protein per half cup. That’s more than I expected. And here’s two more words for ya, Bagel Bites!! Boom!

  9. john & Carri says:

    Hi Nathan & Kate – you Hillbilly Hippies, oops, I mean you Minimalist Alternative Lifestye Enthusiasts — It was great to see you during Thanksgiving. My sons, Cody and Embry, were discussing Nathan’s “full” beard after church. They were impressed! Looking forward to an uneventful blessed event coming early next year. Carri and I are praying for you all as parenthood looms on the horizon. My daughter, Ashley, is also a craigslist afficionado — she also finds some “sweet” deals on there. Keep warm and keep posting so I can continue vicariously pursuing my secretly desired lifestyle through your adventures out there “in the wild”.

  10. Dave says:

    You told us what Kate does not crave. My curiosity: what does she crave?

    Oh, I laughed out loud at the “infernal birds.”

    Reading this on my lunch break is my favorite.

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