Thanksgiving at the Ozark House

Hi everyone! This blog post is way over due but for those who would like to see what went on at the Communal House O’ Fun during the Thanksgiving holiday, here is a little taste of the time spent with my siblings and parents. (“taste” hee hee).

The events, for me at least, started the day before Thanksgiving as i attempted to single handedly cook an entire Thanksgiving meal. So knowing that i get overwhelmed quite easily, i prepared everything the day before so that all the dishes would just need to be popped in the oven right before the feast would commence.

The much anticipated guests arrived Wednesday night in the middle of a pretty noisy thunder storm.  The guest list consisted of my Mom and Dad, little brothers, Joah and Andy who had all driven up from Texas and my sister, Vayle and her fiance, Chase came down from Michigan. Sadly, my older brother, Spence, and his wife, Emily could not make it because of work obligations and they were greatly missed. But we still had a wonderful time eating, hiking, being thankful, eating, playing cards, watching football, singing, sleeping, and more eating.  Here are some pictures from the Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy!


Family freezing in front of Randy's Frozen Custard

Sisters on Thanksgiving Day

Boys enjoying the man cave and most likely some halo

Vayle and Taylor

The men.

Real men carve turkeys.

The Browns and the food


Tay got a deer on Thanksgiving Day!

Mom and Vayle had missed each other.

Dad joined in.

They took about 20 pictures together but this was the best one. They are so in love.

We had to have a little music time.


And finally, we had to have a picture of the legendary Randy's. We didnt have anyone to take the picture so dad put the camera on the ground and pointed it up. Somehow we are all in the pic, including the sign. Pretty impressive, huh?

We had such a wonderful time.  Thank you family for coming to see us all the way in Missouri! We all had so much to be thankful for.


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3 Responses to Thanksgiving at the Ozark House

  1. Spence says:

    I love you alll and miss yalll!!!! The coolest pics ever!!! Can’t wait to hang!!! Dude Tay sweet kill!!!

  2. Joy Robertson says:

    always love me some brown/bechtolds blogs from the ozark house!!

  3. Mrs. Tullos says:

    Dude, I am thoroughly impressed that you cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal. Way to go. Add ten wifey points.

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