Kate’s rambling on about something again.

This morning, we sent Taylor and Adrienne off to Texas for her graduation ceremony (YAY ADRIENNE!!!!!!!!) and to see their families. Now it’s quiet around here. Nathan’s making a fire, and I’m sitting here sipping coffee and listening to Christmas music by our tree. Here’s a picture of our tree, without the flash, so you can see the homemade gingerbread cookie ornaments on there!As you know, the tree is from our property, so it’s a little scraggly. And we didn’t want to buy ornaments, so I made them, and then threw in some pinecones. Adrienne made that beautiful tree rug/blanket. She also made these!!!Here’s Nathan planting an orchard on the land. It includes cherry, apricot, plum, peach, apple, pear, and some more I can’t remember. So we’ll  (or somebody) will get to enjoy those in a few years. I met with Kelly, our midwife, yesterday. She’s concerned that I am not gaining that much weight. I haven’t gained anything for weeks and weeks now, and this is the time to be gaining at a rapid and steady pace. She found a trace of protein in my urine which means my body is burning muscle for fuel, which means I’m not getting enough calories. I eat really well, so this is strange. I’m going to write down everything I eat this week for her, and we’re doing some bloodwork to see what’s going on. It’s possible my thyroid meds are too high, so that would explain my body’s metabolism burning too rapidly. She also wants me to eat 4 eggs a day (at least) and set an alarm to eat something in the middle of the night. Whew! She wants to see me gain 10-15 more pounds by February 10th! The good news is that the baby is growing! Nathan and I have pretty much decided on names, but sorry, I can’t reveal them yet.

SOUTH CAROLINA TRIP- Nathan and I just got back from SC to see my family. It was such a great trip! I told my parents I wanted to relax, so that’s what we did. My grandparents threw us a surprise baby shower! Here’s my Omah.She’s a precious, precious woman. Here’s my mom (in pink) and her sisters at the shower. They are the sweetest, most southern women I know. Here’s me taking my blood pressure.It was great every time! I basically sat on my butt the whole trip. Then, we went out to my Aunt Lesa’s so she could take some family pictures. Here’s her photography blog. While there, my dad snapped a few pictures himself. Here’s Nathan in the air.My sisters, Bailey and Adrienne, up top. My sister, Olivia, below, pretending to be Mary, mother of Jesus:Here’s my Daddy and Bailey. Doesn’t he look familiar? I’ll give you a hint. I look just like him.Lastly, my role models, my friends, the most amazing, Godly people I know, my parents:
They’re pretty silly, too!

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2 Responses to Kate’s rambling on about something again.

  1. Sarah says:

    Sounds like a good excuse to eat lots of breads and cheeses and all that yummy fatty stuff! Roast duck, then use the fat on everything! Lucky you 🙂

  2. Karissa says:

    i love reading yall blog because a)i miss all of you and b)youre so hippie and im living vicariously through you.
    and i am so proud of yall for having a home birth. i have recently become obsessed with them…and watching them. : /

    hope yall are doing awesome.
    love you all.

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