Head band/ear warmer thingy mabob.

So over this past weekend, as Taylor and I were in Texas visiting family,  my lovely mother-in-law showed me a cute head band/ear warmer that my sisters-in-law have and thought that i could make one.  Even though the ear warmers were knitted and i only know how to crochet, i decided to give it a whirl and attempted to make this head band/ear warmer thingy mabob.  I think it turned out pretty well and and planning on giving it to a sweet friend of mine that i think will enjoy it.

I don’t know what they are called exactly because it is a little different than a traditional ear warmer. Any suggestions?

How i made it:  I used the cotton yarn because i thought it would be a lot less scratchy and itchy than the acrylic yarn.   I love the Peaches n’ Cream cotton yarn, btw. You can find it at Walmart and they come in solids as well as bright colorful variegated.

I started off crocheting about four stitches across and then picked up a stitch or two per row until i reached the greatest width of about fifteen stitches across. I then dropped a stitch or two per row until i ended at the four stitches across again.  You can measure around your head to see how long you need it to be and adjust accordingly, but my head band is about 22 inches long. I sewed in button on one end and it fits nicely in between two stitches so that it fastens perfectly.  i had to play around with the flower to make it look like a flower but basically i crocheted a circle.

If you want more information, just ask!

What do you think?


Also, if you do not know how to crochet, i would suggest learning because there seems to be endless projects that you can do. Learning from a book or website is difficult and is best learned in person by someone you know.  But you will never regret knowing how to crochet!

~Adrienne Rene’

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3 Responses to Head band/ear warmer thingy mabob.

  1. N&K Sister says:

    so cute adrienne! Wish I had time to re-learn crocheting

  2. Claire VonderMehden says:

    Very impressive!!! You are oh so talented.

  3. Caroline Brown says:

    i love it!! so impressive. much cuter than mine 🙂 mom says, “i knew she would do it!”

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