Christmas Cookie Day!

Today was quite a day for the two women of the Ozark House.  Kate and I left our men at home to work on chores around the house as we headed off around 10am to meet up with our friends, Ruth and Jenny, for a full day of Christmas cookie baking.  We made sugar cookies, gingerbread men, chocolaty caramel thumbprints, cheese cake thumbprints, date pinwheels, and even jam filled sandwich cookies.  It took pretty much all day but we had such a good time and frankly made more cookies than we knew what to do with.  Here are some pictures from our fun filled day.

The hardworking bakers

Ruthie at the mixer

Happy little elves

Happy little elves



Christmas cookies!

Exhausted but still smiling


Btw, all the cookies taste as good as they look. Merry Christmas, everyone!





~Adrienne Rene’

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2 Responses to Christmas Cookie Day!

  1. N&K Sister says:

    yummy! I love cookies, especially Christmas cookies. Too bad we aren’t coming until next week!

  2. Friend Mouse says:

    Save some of those cookies for me!! Especially the date pin-wheels.

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