First Blood

Regal Cat

It is always a difficult thing to deal with when your little ones grow up. For so long you have made decisions for them, and then without warning, they are living their own lives, making their own paths, killing their own moles. Our regal housemate, Whiz, as we’ve donned him, has finally allowed us to say, “Look what the cat dragged in.” The tunnel-dwellers have one compatriot to help suck our carrots underground come the spring time.

Home of the Tool Cat: The Tool Room

Whiz Chiz lives in the room shown above, but is often found next to the wood burning stove.


The Main Course

Cat Food Hot Tub

This is how we found the first of what is hoped to be many little peskies The Whiz will eliminate here at the Lakeview Heights.

This may seem distasteful to some, but food presentation is key for a feline as regal as Wittle Whiz.

Look forward to a new post on more of the circle of life, namely, the chicken dinner we will be eating…


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7 Responses to First Blood

  1. JOHNNY PRONTO says:

    Nice Presentation on the Mole –

  2. Caroline says:

    hiz a good whiz!!

  3. JOHNNY PRONTO says:

    Perhaps you should have made “GuacoMOLE”

  4. Travis says:

    The mole in the bowl was suuper funny!

  5. Adonius says:

    This is getting to be a little ridiculous…roll tide.

  6. ClaireV says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual mole before…least of all, a dead mole soaking in a bowl of catfood.

  7. Friend Mouse says:

    That, my friends, is a prime example of why cats are the preferred pet. Tool Cat rocks!! Try to get that kind of production out of a dog. Good luck.

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