37 Weeks Pictures

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7 Responses to 37 Weeks Pictures

  1. N&K Sister says:

    finally! finally!!!! You just get more beautiful, I love you sister

  2. Adonius says:

    Whoa! That thing has gotten huge! Now if you can just get him to drop a little, we’ll be on our way to Missouri!

  3. melodee says:

    Ruthie says “See Tate baby hold you.”
    Which means, she wants to hold your baby:)

  4. Mrs. Tullos says:

    Hey you missed week 36! You look great! How is the weight gain going? (wow normally I would never ever ask a pregnant women that, but since you have the opposite problem its ok right?)

  5. Friend Mouse says:

    Your are beautiful! Like Ruthie, I want to hold the baby too:) Love you so much, anxious to get there. Talk to you soon. Rest and rest! You do look a little lower I think:) llamom

  6. Friend Mouse says:

    oops, I commented using on the friend mouse, this is the mama rat:)

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