Missouri Blizzard

We had a blizzard! Complete with high winds, at least a foot of snow, and dirty-cold temps. We’re supposed to hit the negatives tonight!

Here’s a little taste of our life…shoveling and shivering…

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7 Responses to Missouri Blizzard

  1. Adonius says:

    Thanks for the pics! You guys have gotten really lucky (or unlucky, perhaps) with moving somewhere and then getting once-a-decade type snows your first winter there.

  2. N&K Sister says:

    I love Gerty! She’s so cute “knee” deep in the snow

  3. Caroline Brown says:

    i am in love with that cow. i gotta get me one of those… great pics!!

  4. Friend Mouse says:

    Are you keepin’ an eye on the temp in the well house? Good plan. Chickens thirsty? UPS make it?

  5. mselizondo says:

    What great pictures! Have fun and stay warm.

  6. Friend Mouse says:

    Surely you’re consuming copious quantities of Snow Ice Cream?

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