A Clean Incision

One hundred and twelve miles is good dreaming time for two aspiring men of dirt, Nathan and me in particular. And at the end of that distance waited for us three animals with a similar interest in dirt; oft times wet dirt. Care Bear, Thunder Bumper, Blacken, No Fear, and Lucky are some of the potential names for these latest increasers of the farm population here at The Ozark House, where tasty teasers of spring flash here and there as the mercury rises.  “Lucky ” is a particularly telling name, for it belongs to the one of the three boars we did not castrate. We have learned (something we do a lot of ’round here; so much we don’t know) that male pigs are less aggressive and easier to handle castrated, and a barrow (castrated boar) will grow better for consumption. And so, we allowed one pig to keep what he was born with, in order to retain our option to breed, and the other two are slow cookin’ bacon for next winter’s breakfasts.

Nathan actually got the chance to perform surgery himself, after we watched, Tom, our friendly pig provider, demonstrate on Unlucky #1. Here is the raw footage:

It feels to me as if I lived a great deal of life in those few minutes just seen.

Pigs have proven much different than mind’s media library can say. This particular species of pig, the American Mule Foot, is a hearty, tough, foraging sort that stands in stark contrast to the cartoonish, pink fatties I think of whenever “Old MacDonald” is sung. But we’ll have some following posts on these guys as they settle into their place here.

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3 Responses to A Clean Incision

  1. Adonius says:

    There’s a reason that pig is squealing like that. I’ve heard a similar noise produced by wild boars as they’re being shish kabobed. I will pay up to $200 to never hear that sound again.

  2. Benny Baby says:


  3. travis brown says:

    no no no

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