The Three Little Pigs and the Big, Bad….Kitty?

Once upon a time, there lived three little pigs, of the American Mule Foot variety, named Mr. Lucky Heartnose, Tiny, and Thunder Bumper.

MR. LUCKY HEARTNOSE: There is a little girl, named Princess Olivia, in the faraway land of South Carolina who loves this little guy more than words can express

TINY: Even though he is the littlest of the three, he is also the bravest.

THUNDER BUMPER: This dude is bigger than the others, yet is always the first to run for safety.























Soon after their weaning from their mother’s teat, they were relocated to a beautiful place, a magical place. A place called The Ozark House.

Inside their humble abode

They live in a little shack just perfect for them, with plenty of nice soft straw to lay on, and a gob of mud in their little yard to roll in, which is an essential detail for all piggy homes .






Of course, these three little pigs have plenty to stuff their bellies. Along with a healthy helping of cracked corn, the Mule Foot princes eat tons of table scraps like old bananas, oranges, pancakes, carrots, and moldy bread.  It is difficult to say that these piggies have a hard knock life with a feast like this every day.









Now, not everyone loves these three little pigs as much as their owners do.  One particular member of The Ozark House was a bit jealous of the new attention that the piglets were receiving.  He slinked and he sulked outside of the gate, looking on as the pigs gobbled up their food as well as the spotlight.  Who could be so green with envy over the lovable swine? Only a cat could feel this way. Only The Whiz.

Plotting his revenge on the attention stealer squealers.

Waiting for his moment to pounce and reclaim his title as the most loved animal at The Ozark House














Though the other animals don’t feel as much jealousy for the piggies as The Whiz does, they could probably say quite honestly that they don’t much care about the new members at all, but are more preoccupied with filling their bellies more than anything else.

Gertie Goo

This guy is being a real toot these days, by the way.













But all in all, days at The Ozark House have been quite pleasant for Thunder Bumper, Mr. Lucky Heartnose, and Tiny.  Even with the cat’s eyes always on them, they are still able to live freely and contentedly in their little shack near the woods.

Naturally, the piggy home is a ways from the human house because pigs are not known for smelling like flowers.

The End.

Until next time at The Ozark House.

Hope you have a wonderful, and meaningful day. Happy March 1st!

~ Adrienne Rene’

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3 Responses to The Three Little Pigs and the Big, Bad….Kitty?

  1. Sue says:

    This would be a delightful book for little ones! It reminds me of Hank the Cowdog.

  2. Joah Anderson says:

    You have a gift my sister. This is great. I love and miss you!

  3. friendmouse says:

    Without question, one of the finest posts to come from the Ozark House, aka “Lakeview Heights.” One just cannot get too much swine news. Keep up the great work…and a kiss to Saylor for me!

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