Garden Tilling By Hand

I googled gardening quotes to cleverify the post and this is what I came up with:

Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration.” – Lou Erickson

I will agree. I am not quite sure who Lou is, but for such a simply veritable statement, he must have gotten down and dirty with the dirt somewhere in his life, as did we in recent days.

Like many of the new things we are attempting on the farm, I can not fire from the hip a scholarly explanation of the beneficent effects of tilling soil (I usually gain new knowledge from friendly comments on things we blog about). In fact, from what I have read on-line, some people don’t till at all. But, gardening tradition seems to say, “Till it!”, and my response is “How deep?”

One spade’s depth is the conclusion we came to. Check it out.

The contibutions of Gertrude and the Cheekins in the foreground were spread about the earth before the tilling started on about half of the garden.

Nathan proved the fastest tiller even though my muscles are slightly larger than his.

These critters we kept.

These critters we suspended from the garden for a short period. They will return after some reformative sessions with the Cheekins.

The Ladies lended their power, and the Little Dude picked up some vitmain D while we dug.

Joyful shovels raised in defiance over the curse on the soil.














It took about 30 man/woman hours to complete. The seeds are in the mail, and will soon be in the soil. Excitement is rising for what is hoped to be a fruitful and vegetableful experience.

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One Response to Garden Tilling By Hand

  1. travis brown says:

    I think brother makes the funniest blogs. “Fruitful and Vegetableful” only a brown could come up with something that funny.

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