Spring sprouting

In all reality, we are a tad behind on our garden. I don’t think it’ll be too detrimental, but I kinda wish we’d gotten started a bit earlier. That said, we have made some progress..

On starting indoors

Some vegetables take a while to grow before you get any kind of harvest. Additionally, many common garden plants are not freeze-tolerant at all. So when you live in central Missouri, where freezes are common even in early April, you pretty much have to start some things indoors, several weeks before the last frost, if you want to see much fruit before the end of the summer. The most important things to begin indoors are: tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, and cucumbers. We’ve started…well…most of those.



We started a few various tomato varieties in ceramic pots about three weeks ago. They took a week or so to germinate, and now they’re going strong.

Egg cartons have been our friends for all our “start-them-indoors” vegetables. Kinda hate that they’re styrofoam, but I’m just getting over it for now…they’re only in there for a short time anyways.

We planted four tomato varieties in our egg cartons. That will (hopefully) give us 6 plants for each variety as early producers. We got them from the Baker Creek Seed Company, which I highly recommend. Great prices, quick shipments, and some awesome heirloom seeds! We’ll start a few more in a few weeks, to stagger production a bit (though these tomatoes really should produce up until the first frost, I think). Here are our tomato varieties, thus far…(by the way, I nabbed the tomato photos from the Baker Creek website…the others are my own)

Riesentraube (“giant bunch of grapes“)







Ozark Pink

Amish Paste

Orange-Fleshed Purple Smudge (yep, purple)



We have two varieties of peppers going: bell peppers and jalepenos. We also got some hot chinese peppers we’ll start soon – they’ll add a little spice to life :). Peppers, however, take a while to germinate. So they’re still cookin’ in the soil…



So far just one broccoli has sprouted – and it’s going full speed! The rest…well…they’d better hurry up.







We bought onion seeds too late, really. We started them in egg crates, and they’ve come up, but, realizing that it may be a while before we see any onions, we also bought some onion “sets” (baby bulbs) that we’ll plant so we can harvest them in a reasonable amount of time.



There it is!


So far, then, we’re having a good bit of success with the egg crate indoor starting method.

In other news, our strawberry plants have begun to flower, and the daffodils and forsythias are in full bloom….despite random freezing temperatures and snow.









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6 Responses to Spring sprouting

  1. Sue says:

    Dropped by as I do love a garden tale , but the font is hard to read. When did you change your font? Us middle aged folk need a little font mercy. :).

    Sue Barber

  2. Hard to read, huh? I wonder if your browser is not cooperating with our font plugin…I picked that font because it seemed so readable! Is it the size, or what?

  3. friendmouse says:

    Anything actually in the ground IN the garden yet? Don’t forget the rhubarb…what’s a garden without rhubarb? Flowers with snow is a nice touch…thank you, God! Font looks normal to me. If Sue is “middle-aged, I suppose that makes me a “gummer.” Shucks. I was just starting to hit my stride, now I find out I’m over the hill. Baseball season starts Thursday…CAN’T WAIT! Go, Cards!!

    • Yeah, we have peas in the ground (starting to come up) and spinach in the ground (maybe one has broken the surface, but not much from them yet). Also lettuce (coming up), cilantro (not coming up), and kale (not yet) are sown.
      Potatoes today or tomorrow. Cauliflower should have been done already. Rhubarb was planned, but not purchased…we had to cut down the price of our seed order a bit, so it got the axe (or…hoe).

      • friendmouse says:

        FIgures. Your priorities are out of whack, imo. Anyone who prefers kale over rhubarb is just inviting a fight. 🙂

      • Yeah yeah…it’s just that we would use kale more than rhubarb. I got my way with the watermelon seeds (I was the only one who wanted watermelon, believe it or not!)…excited about those babies!

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