Writing A Fairytale Adventure (Part 1)

Alright friends, family, and strangers. I am kind of throwing myself out there a bit and have decided to post sections of a children’s book that I have been writing. I am certainly an amateur, and still have lots of editing to do, but I thought I would post it anyways.  This has been a fun hobby of mine and I hope you enjoy reading it!  Please let me know what you think, but be nice. Depending on the response, I will post the next section in a week.

The Bramblewood Tales

Chapter 1: Make-believe, Section 1

One day, on a day much like today, or perhaps a little more like tomorrow, an adventure would take place for two little girls that would forever change their lives and their imaginations.  Now, an adventure like this doesn’t just happen everyday or to anyone. In fact, an adventure like this almost didn’t happen at all except that it did.  But of course this adventure did happen to the two most deserving sisters in the whole world because though it is often hard to get along as sisters, these two particular sisters loved each other very much and were the best of friends.  It was an ordinary day, as all days start off being until something extra ordinary happens, which is exactly what happened on this seemingly ordinary day.

The early morning provided a misty glaze over the ground that was as beautiful as it was mysterious.  And the sun had just begun to peak her sleepy head out from behind the trees, letting her sparkling rays trickle over the world like a sweet bubbling stream.  The car’s leather seats were cold after being in the cool night air, but this only helped the two girls to wake up a little and remember their excitement that almost kept them from falling asleep the night before.  They were going to Grammy’s house for the entire weekend, and even though they would visit her for a full weekend every month, the excitement never runs dry and the enjoyment never fades.

Grammy lived out in the country amongst a deep forest that stretches farther back than one could care to imagine, in an old farm house that, as far as the girls were concerned, had been there forever.  The girls were especially thrilled about this weekend because Autumn had finally arrived and with her gentle touch, had just started turning the leaves into glorious shades of red, and gold that made the forest look and feel like an enchanted world that no one had ever touched before.  This wonderland opened up a whole new realm of make believe that made the girls’ eyes dazzle with the thought of adventure and helped them to always believe the unbelievable.

Now, the older sister who thought she was quite old enough, was given the name Story.  Having straight brown hair that always seemed to fall in her eyes and tickle her eyelashes, Story day dreamed of fairytales and mysteries and always said that being outside in nature is where she felt most herself.  She did love to curl up on the couch on a cold winter’s day with a warm cup of hot chocolate and watch old romantic movies with her mother, and though she was quite fascinated by romance, she wouldn’t dare go near a boy for fear of getting some dreadful disease; after all she was only nine years old.  Always dressed in her favorite t-shirt and overalls and sloppy red tennis shoes, Story often mimicked her mother’s motherliness and even though she loved saying when and how and for how long, she still had the deepest love and a strongest respect for her little sister, Olive, for the person she was even though complete opposites would be the best way to describe the two.

Olive, the younger sister, with her hair full of amber curls, always wore bright colors of pink and green with her blue jeans, and had a heart of gold and was as brave as a lion in the truest meaning of that expression.  Olive was very mischievous and loved to catch people by surprise by sneaking up behind them and giving them a jolt followed by a loud growl that would send them bolting in any given direction while screaming and doing what can only be described as a goofy dance.  Olive would laugh and laugh until her laughter would hide itself for a few seconds, only to come belting out louder than before.   Though she would not always admit it, which is difficult for most six year olds to do, Olive appreciated Story’s care and encouragement and felt herself lucky to have such a sister.

If anything was true about these two sisters, it would be that they loved to play make believe, and looked forward to their weekend trip to Grammy’s house, out in the country, in the most beautiful wilderness where a little girl’s imagination could run as wild as the creatures that lived in that very place.

As the car pulled up to its much anticipated destination, the car walls could hardly contain Story and Olive’s excitement, as they bounced up and down in utter delight.  After quickly hugging their mother goodbye, the girls dashed into their Grammy’s arms, who had come out of the house and down the long, winding sidewalk to welcome them, and off they all went into the warm, cozy cabin to have breakfast.

Breakfast. What a simple word. The word breakfast sounds pretty commonplace, but not when it is in Grammy’s house.  If one person in the entire world was awarded for making the most fabulous breakfast ever, it most certainly would be Grammy. It might be because she has been making breakfast for many many years and for many different people, or it may be that even in her old age, she managed to hold on to her child-like tastes so she always knew exactly what her granddaughters will enjoy most. Nevertheless, the point is when it comes to light fluffy waffles with strawberries on top and showered with powder sugar, home-squeezed orange juice, great fruits cut in half with a dash of sugar, and out of this world crispy bacon cooked to just  the right amount of crispiness,  no one compares with Grammy. The girls watched their beloved grandmother’s worn, but strong hands prepare the meal with great enthusiasm as they chatted about school, friends, and, of course, future Christmas present wishes, because every good grandma knows it’s never too early to ask.

Finally, as trumpets sounded and birds sang in admiration, the great feast began and as every delicious flavor flooded over every taste bud, the sweet aroma of a kitchen full of love danced around the room like a graceful ballerina that made all their smiling faces glow and the three ate to their hearts’ content.

After the meal had finally ended, the girls tried to help clean up but Grammy would have nothing of that and quickly scooted them away saying “Go play outside. Soon it will be to cold to enjoy the outdoors, besides, why be in this boring kitchen while there is a whole world waiting for you out there to explore and enjoy.”  That is all Story and Olive needed to hear.  Quicker than lightning, they were out the door leaving the screen door to slam behind them with a loud WHACK!

The smell of pine trees permeated the air and the world felt fresh and new. The starry eyed children skipped around the assortment of trees gleefully, falling in to piles of freshly raked leaves, pretending they were sinking in quick sand while on a treasure hunt, deep in an Indian jungle. After finding the treasure and making it back home safely, Olive quickly asked, “What should we play next? I want something dangerous!” as her eyes twinkled and she rubbed her hands together with excitement.  “Ok, I know. Close your eyes and stand very still” announced Story and Olive did just that.  “When you closed your eyes, you were in Grammy’s woods behind her house, but when you open them, you will be deep in an Alaskan wilderness where everything is white with snow and ice. We are the only people here, except for a ginormous snow monster who terrorizes a near by village. Our mission is to kill the monster by stabbing him in the heart with a massive ice cycle in order to save the town. Nod once if you are up for the challenge!”  Olive nodded in agreement, and unclenched her eyes. She gasped.  Everything was exactly as Story described. The white world before her was stark, and bitterly cold, thank goodness Olive suddenly had a warm coat on with mittens to match. All of a sudden, Olive screamed with all her might, “The monster! It’s behind you! Run!”  “Grab the ice cycle from inside that cave”, demanded Story as she barely escaped the from the snow monster’s clutches.

As the girls fought to defeat the monster, back in the house, Grammy gazed at them through the window with fondness. “Aww, make-believe.” She thought. “The sweetest of all the magic that exists in the world. The joy and adventure that make-believe brings to every child is more valuable than any gift they can hold in their hands. Make-believe, what a wonderful thing”, as she smiled to herself remembering her own childhood adventures that she had in that very same forest.


This post is dedicated to my sweet Grammy.

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8 Responses to Writing A Fairytale Adventure (Part 1)

  1. Caroline Brown says:

    So good Adrienne! You are so talented. I can’t wait to see how it ends. Have you finished it yet?

    • Thank you, sis! I am almost done. I finally decided on an ending so i just have to write it. But i think by breaking the chapters up in sections, i should have plenty of time to finish writing before i post it. Love you.

  2. Jan says:

    Time to find a publisher!!!
    You’ve got the gift girl! Now run with it!!!!!

  3. Claire says:

    Honestly, it’s like I’m reading a published novel. I envy your talent Adrienne. The story is so fun and whimsically written. The first line is the best…and they say it’s the hardest to write! KEEP IT COMING!

  4. vayle says:

    Adri, that is so awesome, you are such a good writer. Do you still want me to drawl the characters? If so, send me an email of what you want them to look like. I have tons of ideas now. I love you, your gonna be RICH!!

  5. JuJu says:

    Author Adrienne!
    This is incredible!
    I think i am going to read this to the little girls (and boy) I live with.
    They will absolutely LOVE IT!
    But they will say MORE MORE MORE.. . . so i hope you won’t let me down!

  6. Joah says:

    Incredible Adrienne. It’s so visual and authentic. Keep it up, I can’t wait to see the rest of it! Love you.

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