Lake of the Ozarks State Park: a hiking photo/video montage

Lately we’ve been morel hunting. If you don’t know, morels are edible mushrooms that are supposed to be making their appearance right about now. But they’re supposedly somewhat elusive. Such as been our experience. However…

A Common Morel - the only one I've found, thus far. Intend to fry it and eat it.

Some other interesting sights in the woods include:

This is actually in the woods on our property - but it looks like this everywhere!

This is not edible. It's a copperhead. He will try to kill you...or me.

I guess this is a box turtle. I just loved his (her?) colors.

Now, Taylor has been exploring the woods as well. Here is what he found…

A black rat snake

And a nice little video…

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4 Responses to Lake of the Ozarks State Park: a hiking photo/video montage

  1. N&K Sister says:

    that mushroom looks like a honeycomb.

    did you really get that close to the copperhead? Aren’t those dangerous?

    Taylor, that’s sick, but not surprising that you touched the snake

    also you should keep that little mouse as a pet, I love it’s little squeaky self!

  2. travis brown says:

    I think that a little piece of Steve Irwin still lives on in my brother

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