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Cow Tick Prevention: The Natural Way

Our dear sweet Gertrude is across the street, but this time it’s not because she escaped. Neighbor Dale offered us his currently-unoccupied, well-fenced pastures for Gerty’s use, while we wait for the monsoon season to end so we can set … Continue reading

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Visitors and Pig Progress

Lots of visitors have graced the Ozark House over the last two weekends. Barry – my dad – stopped through for a few days the weekend of May 13-15, and then Dixie – my mom – along with her mother, … Continue reading

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Containing Pigs, or The Joys of Electric Fencing

It’s time. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Multiple farm-based desires have converged to bring about today’s electrifying events, and you, the reader, deserve to know them all. We have pigs. You probably know this. Three male American Mulefoot hogs … Continue reading

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What Spring Brings

Spring brings… Spinach harvests (and more where that came from) Poetic sunsets Ticks Happy Saylor (Not pictured – Gertie escaping every day; Nathan Taylor & Adrienne actually making some money; Humidity)

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Osama Bin Laden’s Death, Americans’ Exultation, and Retribution: A Christian’s Response

Today we feature a “guest post” on our blog. It was written by my brother Adam, and the words are much-needed. The photo which provoked the following comments was one of the myriad cartoons that have been drawn depicting Osama … Continue reading

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