Visitors and Pig Progress

Lots of visitors have graced the Ozark House over the last two weekends. Barry – my dad – stopped through for a few days the weekend of May 13-15, and then Dixie – my mom – along with her mother, one of her sisters, and then my sister Jessica all spent this past weekend with us. We enjoyed family time, and would love to have more visitors in the future.

Before I get to the main part of this post, let me take a moment to mention our fellow Missourians in distress – those residents of Joplin who lost family, friends, homes, and property to the tornado that wrecked their city this past weekend. Please keep them in your prayers, and consider giving toward a charity that will be helping these people recover from such a disaster (Worldvision is my preferred organization, and they are going to be helping Joplin).

Now, to the pigs.

putting our swine to work!

We used them to till up the garden. Well, the part of the garden that we hadn’t yet planted – it had been overrun by weeds. Pigs have shovels for noses, so we let them get after it. Here are the results…

Now we can plant our beans, squash, and melons! They’re tilling up the future corn patch now. Stay tuned for even more inswine-ity…

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One Response to Visitors and Pig Progress

  1. friendmouse says:

    Mighty fine implements…and so versatile, too! Grass-powered tiller, weed-eater, fertilizer, and garbage dis-pos-al all in one package. Talk about your bio-fuels! They also produce a renewable energy source…methane gas. Plus, when you’re done with them, they are totally recyclable in the form of bacon, pork loin, pork chops, ham, and bar-b-que! They’re a livin’, breathin’ miracle-machine…that’s what they are!! They should be provided fully-equipped with each and every KBHome purchased!

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