Chicken Slaughter

We had some friends give us 10 Cornish Cross chickens that an elementary school class had raised from eggs but could no longer guide in their quest to return to the dirt. We were able to help the chickens get there, but we had them make a quick stop in our deep freeze.

Nate made for them a little chicken tractor where they could dwell in the open air, and we could move it to a new patch of fresh, green grass when the previous spot had been soiled. But it was in vain, really. Newly sprouted blades and the creepy-crawlies therein interest them little. This breed of chicken is made for meat, aka “broilers”. Lots of flesh, minimal movement, and rapid growth, make for efficient business, but these chickens certainly lack the ‘old farm house’ imagery. In fact, they lay down all day, so much so that feathers don’t really grow on their breast. They were sort of pitiful.

Nevertheless, we try our best to “waste not, want not”, and the dirty birds make for some good eating.

Here is our amateur method of processing the fowl:

That night we grilled venison steaks and chicken breasts. That one chicken got back to the dirt faster than his comrades.



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11 Responses to Chicken Slaughter

  1. N&K Sister says:

    Oh gosh, how does it still make noise? Great choice of music Tay.

    But of course my favorite part is my chubby little nephew in the background 🙂

  2. Hahaha, this was a great post. I used to work on a turkey farm butchering turkeys around thanksgiving and we slaughtered them a little differently. We hung three of them up on an old swing set that had slip knot ropes hanging from them (instead of swings) by their feet. Then we slit their throats all in a row and backed up. We just let them flap for a while and then tossed them all into a tractor scoop to take them to the building that we plucked and gutted them in. We had this really handy de-featherer that heated them and removed most of their feathers so we just had to pluck the last few. Even though it is really gross, I kind of enjoyed the whole process. lol. Did you freeze some of the chickens for later?

  3. James Reynolds says:

    How was the chicken? Did it taste alright?

  4. Claire V says:

    the baby watching in the back ground. love it. so white trash.

  5. BenAndRobin says:

    nice V-necks. We need to visit soon. Lets plan that ASAP

  6. travis brown says:

    Miss you guys. Bubsy was looking on in approval which i liked. he kinda stole the show

  7. Captain says:

    Love the white shirts and hats. Kind of Amish-like; but glad I live near Bi-Lo.

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