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I bought a goat…

I (Nathan) bought a goat today. She’s a 3/4 alpine 1/4 nubian nanny, 1.5 years old, and had twins at her first kidding. She’s still putting out about a quart of milk per day, but the guy I bought her … Continue reading

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Remember when…

And the story continues… It may seem like we are obsessed with ourselves. Well, today, we are, for we are celebrating the our 3 year wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Nathan! It’s been the best 3 years of my life! I … Continue reading

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Somehow or  other we got it in our heads to catch some crawfish. Compiling little bits of stuffs we’d heard about how, and gathering whatever tools we thought useful for the task, we set out for glory. And we did … Continue reading

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Easter Egger Chicks

Color. That’s we we’re looking for. Also, more chickens. We have lost a handful of our early birds to some predatory scoundrel, we think. Nate found a mess of feathers in the yard a while back, and a few weeks … Continue reading

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How my life has changed since being a mom

Man, oh man. Where do I begin? Let’s start from the very beginning-the moment my baby boy came into the world and cried for the first time. Although laboring with him wasn’t brutal or impossible, it definitely proved to be … Continue reading

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Gardening: harvests and lessons

It’s been a learning experience, gardening. We made some dire mistakes. And we’ve had some glorious successes. In brief, our mistakes, our successes, and some photos…. MISTAKES -We tried to integrate the idea of “raised beds” into our rows. We … Continue reading

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The Newest Member of the Ozark House

The Ozark House has had many new members since we first started back in late August of 2010.  We have had chickens who have come and tastily gone, Gertie,The Whiz Chiz, and even, and most importantly, Nathan and Kate’s first … Continue reading

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Snakes on a coop

Recently, we hadn’t been getting as many eggs as we thought we should be. Today, while checking up on the animals, I found something interesting in the chicken coop. It explained to me where our eggs had gone. View….

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Relevant Magazine Article – the full interviews

I recently wrote an article for Relevant Magazine. The piece dealt with “food ethics,” specifically how we as human beings have become disconnected from the soil (our origins – see Genesis 1) and from our food (which comes from the … Continue reading

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A Sonnet – For you, the voluptuous object of my longing

Enframed by thorned necessity, Your darkened beauty tempts me from the vine. Outreached, my hand would seize upon A fleeting chance to savor the divine. And yet your poisoned barbs give pause In my determination to advance. Now hesitant, should … Continue reading

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