Snakes on a coop

Recently, we hadn’t been getting as many eggs as we thought we should be.

Today, while checking up on the animals, I found something interesting in the chicken coop. It explained to me where our eggs had gone.


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7 Responses to Snakes on a coop

  1. Claire V says:

    BUB is freaking cute!
    The pigs are huge!
    I had no idea that pigs ate snakes. I mean, I know they eat everything, but snakes?
    That snake was huge!
    Was it poisonous?
    End of my thoughts.

    • nope, not poisonous. just perilous to our eggs.
      and from what we’ve been told, pigs love snakes. so that’s nice, except these guys are fenced in, so they couldn’t find this snake when it was eating the eggs (and probably living underneath the chicken coop)

  2. Captain says:

    Quite entertaining for a Sunday morning. Best part – “I don’t any part of that junk”! You guys are too funny. Thanks for the token shot of my grandson.

  3. travis brown says:

    Beauty! You should have hung its rotting corpse from something to cause other egg eaters to beware.

  4. friendmouse says:

    Well, while that was an excellent post and video, I was thinking you’d discovered that the culprit was a black snake. That was definitely NOT a black snake…unless the video just did not do justice to the true appearance. I’m pretty sure that was a king snake, which is too bad, because they are generally beneficial to have around…as they eat other snakes and rats and mice, too.

    Yes, pigs do (obviously) like snakes. perhaps in time you can “surround” the chicken coop with a pig-run?

    Also, I’d hoped to see your new machete in action acting as a portable snake guillotine. Maybe next time. There will be a next time, you know.

    • You know you’re right. An astute observation – and one that points out our relative ignorance concerning the variegated snake species of the Ozarks. A king snake it seemed to be. Though strangely, its markings weren’t very distinct…we’ve heard that the black snakes have been cross-breeding with another species…could this be it?

  5. friendmouse says:

    Oh, by the way…Taylor in the picture holding up the snake…PROPS to him. He has turned into an exemplary Hillbilly! I honestly didn’t know he had it in him!

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