The Newest Member of the Ozark House

The Ozark House has had many new members since we first started back in late August of 2010.  We have had chickens who have come and tastily gone, Gertie,The Whiz Chiz, and even, and most importantly, Nathan and Kate’s first born son, Saylor Jack.

But now, though not quite seen, there is a new little one around these parts.  Taylor and I are proud to announce with great anticipation, WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

I may or may not be sticking my belly out a little bit.

This may have come as a surprise for many of our faithful readers. Don’t worry, no one was more surprised  than Taylor and I. But we have embraced this sweet gift from God and have cherished every moment thus far.

Today mark my 15th week, and the realization is starting to sink in that not only my body but also our lives are a changin’. 

This week our baby boy (my vote) or girl (Tay’s vote) is the size of an apple and about 4 inches long.  That’s pretty huge, I think. Of course, I have never had something growing in me before.  

We, too have decided to go the home birth route as our fellow Ozark House members had done last February.  Our reasons may differ slightly from their’s, but a few are that we loved watching their wonderful experience, we appreciated the d.i.y. intimacy that it allows, and we value the freedom of so many different choices that we get to make concerning our home birth. Plus, did you know that home births are on the rise here in the States?! Pretty exciting if you ask me. Read about it here.

We also decided to go with the same midwife that Nathan and Kate used, Kelly. Check her out here! We have loved every step with her so far, and even though we did look around for other midwives in the area before we officially decided on Kelly, getting to see her in action at Saylor Jack’s birth has made us confident that she is the best midwife for us.

Also, a week or so ago, I was awake at 4:30am, as I usually am now that I have to go to the bathroom three times every night, and a remarkable thing happened. I was feeling on my belly as I laid in bed, and I found where the baby was (it feels like a knot about the size of my fist).  Suddenly I felt two little kicks that felt like light bubbles and I knew that my kid was going to be a great communicator one day because he/she was already interacting with me. I was one proud mama.

Its an exciting time in the Ozark House to say the least!

~Adrienne Rene’

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10 Responses to The Newest Member of the Ozark House

  1. Angie says:

    Congratulations!!! What a special gift of God and in His timing for y’all!!!!

  2. travis brown says:

    SUPER pumped! We are praying for y’all

  3. Christina says:

    As they say here: Shumë urime për ju! So happy for y’all.

  4. Claire V says:

    This is epic! Aunt Claire….beautiful.

  5. Caroline Brown says:

    you made it seem like you were barely showing! i was shocked to see that picture. i love it!!!

  6. Roxanne says:

    yeah for babies! ours comes soon! what a fun process pregnancy is!!! is process a good word? anyways, praying for grace and peace during this time. what month might this little one arrive?

  7. Mark Bales says:

    congratulations!!!!!!! When’s it due? Suppose I’ll just have to wait for your posts. Looking forward. mb

  8. Amber Brown says:

    cant believe it! your so beautiful!!!!

  9. vayle white says:

    this is my lil baby so no one can comment on…… aunts only!!!!

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