Gardening: harvests and lessons

It’s been a learning experience, gardening. We made some dire mistakes. And we’ve had some glorious successes. In brief, our mistakes, our successes, and some photos….


-We tried to integrate the idea of “raised beds” into our rows. We made “raised rows.” This was mostly a bad idea. It was good only in that it kept our garden from being flooded during the springtime monsoon we experienced. But then, when the weather got hot and dry, the rows dried out quickly, since there was extra surface area through which to lose moisture. Also, extra surface area for weeds to grow.

-The weeds are killing us. Actually, we’ve pretty much given up on them. Our problem is that this garden was a patch of grass last year, and we didn’t till it very thoroughly. It probably should have been tilled at least twice – once in the fall, and once again in the spring. So we failed to kill the grass root systems, and they just came back up! Ugh…

-Tomato hornworms almost ruined us. Luckily we nabbed them before they did too much damage. But still, several tomato plants suffered significantly. We ate the culprits…in that they passed through the digestive tracts of our chickens, and into their eggs. Which we eat.

We have, however, eaten a few tomatoes. They’re quite nice.

Our tomato rows. Also weeds.

Left to right: Amish paste (methinks), Ozark Pink, Orange purple smudge, Riesenstraube (grape)


-Lettuce. We have tons of it, and have eaten so many home-grown salads. And for so cheap. And so tasty.

-Herbs. They’re doing good, though we haven’t used them a lot yet. Mainly used cilantro and basil.


Summer Savory




-Collared greens. They just keep comin’! We pick more, and then more leaves grow, and they’re not showing signs of stopping. And they are mmmmmmgood!

Truth: collard greens is TAAAASTYYYY

-Peppers. Only eaten a few yet, but they seem to be thriving.

Bell'll be orange eventually

chinese hot peppers....who knew?!

Banana peppers

I don't really know what these are...but I feel like they're gonna be good

A crucial salsa ingredient

-Sorghum. Drought-tolerant (hooray!), and hardy, it’s just growing strong. Eventually we’ll try to make some molasses!

Mennonite sorghum...getting in touch with our luddite side


Okra. Going strong, but no okra yet. We're eager...

Pointless cauliflower on the left, Healthy kale on the right, a few peppers in the middle


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3 Responses to Gardening: harvests and lessons

  1. friendmouse says:

    Round-Up does wonders on weeds (and every othering living plant it’s sprayed upon). I got a tiller for you…should be beneficial. Nice garden, all-in-all. Congrats.

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