Easter Egger Chicks

Color. That’s we we’re looking for. Also, more chickens.

We have lost a handful of our early birds to some predatory scoundrel, we think. Nate found a mess of feathers in the yard a while back, and a few weeks later, I found at my feet an assortment of bones fixed in between to feathered chicken wings when walking through the woods just below the yard. Someone had not been invited to dinner and took it upon themsleves to reap what they had not sown.

I’ve seen a gray fox slinking around, and also witnessed a red tailed hawk dive at our chickens. The chickens under cover saw the hawk and gave a warning call to the others, so it seemed to me. Coyotes are not unfamiliar with these parts either, but we aren’t really sure how the population decrease has occurred.

Gotta replenish. So when choosing more layers for egg production, we went with Easter Eggers, who lay blue and green eggs thereby satisfying our need for more color. We also got more meat birds for joy. Here they are.

WARNING: Cuteness levels are extremely high in the content shown below.

These fowl were a generous gift from our friend and neighbor, Charlie. Many thanks to him.

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3 Responses to Easter Egger Chicks

  1. friendmouse says:

    Tell Charlie Mansel I said hello. Charming chicks; fine foul; pretty poultry; beautiful birds.

  2. Claire V says:

    cuteness overload. head explosion.

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