Somehow or  other we got it in our heads to catch some crawfish. Compiling little bits of stuffs we’d heard about how, and gathering whatever tools we thought useful for the task, we set out for glory. And we did get a little taste of it.

Most of them died in that bucket overnight, but Nathan still met the bravery requirements to boil and consume them. Not I. He said they were pretty good. They were pretty fun to catch.

Now its your turn! Go find that mud bug sanctuary near your home and search those little suckers out. Remember: fast hands,  faster mind. And, always wear safety gear.


also we found this

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4 Responses to Crawfishin’

  1. Christina says:

    You two crack me up! I think the manliness evens out- Nathan consuming the dead crawfish and Taylor handling the leech. Good work, men!

  2. friendmouse says:

    Very nice craw-daddy harvest. So, where was the location of the hunt? Creek below the house? Can’t believe you let them die…talk about a waste of good fish bait!
    Leeches are very high on the “gross” scale, but rarely are their bites fatal. In fact, as you no doubt know, they are more often beneficial and used for certain medicinal and therapeutic procedures, with a high rate of efficacy. But you probably need a medical degree in order to use them for such purposes.
    Have fun!

    • Bear Creek swimming hole, and up and down the creek from that point.
      And not a complete waste, since we fed them to the piggies.

      • friendmouse says:

        Well, at least that’s one good thing. I wasn’t sure hogs like crawdads…but I KNOW they do not like pollywogs.
        By the way…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY #3 to you and the missus!

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