I found my goat…

Goat #2 is back!

Let’s the rejoicing begin!

Here’s how it went down…

I went to close up the chicken coop last night at around 10:30 – a little late, because we all forgot to do it (it happens). As I approached the coop, my flashlight fell across a small animal standing in the yard. My heart raced – it was sweet goat!

She's got a little fattening up to do. Also, notice the long hairs on her spine. That's the French Alpine coming through.

I was finally able to coax her into the pen (yes, the one that she escaped from…but it’s all I had at the moment!) with some sweet feed. Then I dumped it on the ground, shut the gate, and started fortifying the pen. It’s now pretty strong and pretty high, so I’m pretty confident that she’s gonna stay in. The longer we keep her here, the more she’ll associate this place with “home”…and since she came back here of her own volition anyways, I think we’re on the right track. Well, I say “of her own volition”…I think she was really driven back here by some people’s prayers. Thanks for that. And thank you Jesus that my goat is back. Now, you can all start praying that Goat #1 will return…

See her white socks? I think they’re great. Taylor suggested we name her Chicago (because of the White Sox). I didn’t like that idea. But then he remembered that Chicago is the “Windy City.” So her name is Wendy. Perfect, I think. Dad suggested Boomerang, which is equally fitting, but we’d already decided on Wendy, and I feel like Boomer is a boy name.

So that’s all for now. She’s sweet, but still a little nervous around people. She will come up to me when I have some grain for her though. Now she gets lots of love and food, and then, Lord willing, we’ll have some kids in a couple of months!

Oh, farming…

Isn't she cute?

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2 Responses to I found my goat…

  1. Captain says:

    Boomer was Kate’s dog’s name. sweet cocker spaniel. She wouldn’t go to Dallas unless we brought him back in August 2000. Glad Wendy (my sister’s name) is back. Maybe Boomer (the other goat) will follow.

  2. N&K Sister says:

    yayaya! So happy 🙂

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