Ron Paul

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we at the ozark house are huge fans of Congressman Ron Paul. We are quite certain he is the best man for the job of President in 2012, and we’re starting to think that he might win!

I [Nathan] put together a video called “5 Reasons NOT to Vote for Ron Paul in 2012”. The title is facetious. The video exposes that all the other “major” Republican candidates are not truly friends of liberty – they have their own agendas that run contrary to sound economic policy, the fourth amendment, and really the rest of the constitution, as they attempt to reach beyond the powers given to the federal government by our founding fathers.

Check it out!

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2 Responses to Ron Paul

  1. Captain says:

    Every politician has their own agenda. While I truly respect the variety of views on life and politics, it is important to understand that we all come to the table with a set of presuppositions and prejudices. That happens in hermeneutics as well. So, while you observe and investigate Ron Paul as a viable candidate for the presidency of the United States of America, you lack the experience of living and dealing with American politics. Not necessarily a handicap unless you are a history major focusing on American Politics and have the ability to interpret what it all means and when. For the rest of us, we have been here before; Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, John Anderson, and George Wallace. And since I have been here before, I bring prejudices and skepticism to the table which makes me politically ignorant enough to have a skewed conversation. So, what do we do.

    In my opinion, America can’t become isolationists when terrorism is the form of war. Ron Paul uses history (I believe) to support his Foreign Policy, but the world and forces of evil and conquest is markedly different. During the debate and the sound bites montage you put together, Ron Paul came off as an impetuous renegade. I am in favor of States Rights, however, in our culture, we are becoming so fractured in terms of geography, that we could have serious civil unrest if one state was so diametrically different from their neighbor. Same sex marriages in one but not the other, legalized narcotics in one but not the other. That would also hasten the split by encouraging people to move to a state in which views they valued. It is why I don’t ever want to live in California.
    We would move towards becoming the Divided States of America.

    Wow. More than I wanted to spend on politics, however, I love you and you are worth it. I am not trying to persuade you, but perhaps inspire you to think even broader than you already have. Bottom line – for EVERYONE; the best we can do is spin, because no one has all the relevant information. Makes me not like the discussion so much.

    Your Dad-in-law.

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