Happy Half Birthday Bubby!

Let’s venture back through the past 6 months…

Here’s me, Saylor, a ONE-month-old!





And here I am, today, SIX-months-old.

Please don’t think I’m a girl. I know I’m pretty, but I am ALL BOY! Also, my weird parents make me wear this purple cloth diaper for these pictures because that’s both of their favorite colors, along with green (the background). I actually hate purple, so once I can dress myself, I won’t be wearing it anymore! I do love green, though! Here are some pictures of me taken in the past month. Enjoy!

I love playing in the saucer! Thanks Ruth!

I like my car-seat better now. I said "better", not a whole lot.

I love to hang out upside-down!

I sit here while the "Ozarks" eat their food. I still eat free food my mama makes for me.

Oh no! You caught me sucking my toes...embarrassing.

My mama always tells me that I'm sooo beautiful, and she kisses me all the time. I love her, but she can get on my nerves sometimes.

Signing off,

Saylor Jack

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2 Responses to Happy Half Birthday Bubby!

  1. friendmouse says:

    I love you!

  2. Jennifer Dyess-Tyler says:

    Wow what a cute baby.. love his eyes!!!

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