Ron Paul Website Hacked

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The Ron Paul – Restore America Now presidential campaign website ( was hacked Saturday evening, according to an email from the campaign.

The campaign was nearing the close of their one-day “money-bomb,” a fundraising tactic they had employed previously, with significant success. Saturday’s money bomb coincided with Congressman Paul’s 73rd birthday.

Campaign manager John Tate reports, “Before the attack, we were very close to our $1.5 million goal [for the day].” The attack “[shut] us down and [robbed] us of the last few hours of our money bomb,” according to Tate. At the time of Tate’s response, the campaign had raised $1.49 million through the money-bomb.

No culprit has been identified – Mr. Tate simply referred to the attackers as “the establishment.” He also compared the attack with the absence of media coverage concerning the congressman’s campaign for president, which many – including show-host and comedian Jon Stewart – have claimed is a deliberate attempt to damage the congressman’s chances of winning the Republican nomination.

He reassured donors that the personal data they gave while donating is safe, and declared that in lieu of the attack, the campaign has extended its money bomb until 12PM Pacific Time, Sunday August 21st. Additionally, the campaign raised the money bomb’s goal to $1.75 million.

The site’s functionality has been restored and its live donation-ticker currently shows over $1.58 million for the money bomb.

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I made a video revealing Ron Paul as the true defender of liberty in the current field of candidates, and exposing the rest of the candidates as politicians willing to trample the liberty of Americans at their own whims or preferences. Check it out:

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