Home-made projects for baby! #1

As many of you know, crocheting is one of my favorite past-times and making gifts for expecting mothers makes crocheting even more fun and meaningful.  As I was working on my most recent project, a gift for a dear friend of mine, it dawned on me that I have a sweet, precious baby growing inside of me who will most certainly need a blanket!

My baby is as long as a Spaghetti Squash today! (11 inches long, and almost 1 pound)

I love crocheting gifts because as I am spending many hours putting together a blanket or whatever else, I really enjoy just thinking about that person who will be receiving the home-made item.  Its a great time for me to remember how much I love them and how much I cherish their friendship, or how excited I am for their arrival (you know, when a baby is born).

Here are some pictures of other baby blankets I have made in the past:

Lyric napping with his blanket.

Check out Lyric and his sweet mom and dad at mrstullos.blogspot.com

Week 1 of little Saylor's life. All snuggled up with mom and dad.

And of course, little Saylor-man, fellow Ozark House member, needed a blanket as well.

And other baby blankets made for sweet friends:

Most of the blankets I make have stripes because though I love crocheting and have crocheted many different things, I dont often venture out into learning new stitches or patterns.  But for my little spaghetti squash, I decided to learn how to make granny squares.  I have always been intimidated by granny squares because they look complicated, but after watching a video from youtube, I caught on fairly quickly and started making my first project for my baby.

What do you think!?

my supplies

close up of the border

granny squares!

traditional granny square

On the cream squares, i just filled in most of the holes to give it a little different look.

And thats my blanket! I cant wait until my sweet little baby can be all wrapped up in it. Btw, I am over half way there at 22 weeks along and I am feeling great! This little one is kicking and rolling around like crazy. It is such an awesome yet freaky feeling.

~Adrienne Rene’

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One Response to Home-made projects for baby! #1

  1. Caroline Brown says:

    it looks so good adrienne! at this rate, by the time i have a child and you make him a blanket, it is going to be incredible. keep getting better at it, i want my baby to have the best blanket out of all the other babies. tehe.

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