Goat #1 Returns!

Let the hills resound with praises. Goat #1 has returned.

After a very frustrating week on Craigslist (basically, I got scammed…ask me about it later…actually, I’d rather not re-live it), I needed something good.

While working in the garden a bit – destroying millions of worms that have taken to eating our kale and collard greens, and also picking a few tomatoes, and also finding one sickeningly large tomato hornworm – I heard the chickens squawking. I went down to see them, and to give them the big fat hornworm. There stood Goat #1.

I ran inside and informed Taylor, and we went outside and watched. Next to the chicken coop is a chain link pen, where Wendy-goat has been kept on several occasions. Goat #1 approached the pen slowly. Taylor had put some chicken feed outside of the pen, so the goat stopped and snacked on it. The goat continued to approach the pen – apparently either smelling Wendy’s residue, or curious about the chickens that were wandering around inside the pen, squawking. She broke the plane. Then she was fully inside. We slowly approached, then broke into a full sprint at the gate. She freaked out, but we got the gate shut, and she was contained!

Now Wendy is in there with her, and Wendy has shown her, with her horns, that Wendy is the boss-goat at The Ozark House. Note the video:


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5 Responses to Goat #1 Returns!

  1. Wally says:

    Hey Nathan-would you like an amazing and EASY way to find all of the tomato hornworms including the small ones that are really hard to see? I’ve actually done this and it works like a champ. Go to Walmart (or wherever) and buy a “party bulb” that puts out UV blacklight. I put the $2 or so bulb in an old floodlight I had (you can use any lamp stand-doesn’t matter) and go out after dark. The horn worms, believe it or not, appear WHITE in the light and stand out clearly. I didn’t believe it ’til I tried it but it works. If you want to get fancy, google “Scorpion Light” and you’ll get all kinds of UV flashlights (Scorpions glow too). I now own one. It’s easier than dragging an extension cord to my tomato plants for the floodlight. Who knows, maybe the goat will glow in the dark as well! Wally

  2. Travis Brown says:

    We need to remember that God answers prayer!

  3. suebarber says:


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