Life at 29 weeks along

the bump

Today marks the 29th week of my pregnancy with our first precious, little munchkin.  The due date is quickly approaching and the anticipation is definitely growing.  Little Jenkins or Penelope loves to flip flop, roll around, and kick pretty much all the time (at least it seems that way) and Tay and I love every minute of it. This morning, I woke up to the baby hiccuping which was really weird and unexpected, even though many moms told me this would soon be happening.

such a pretty day


Before starting our hike

As for me, I am still feeling great and sleeping much better. For a while I couldn’t make it through the night without  at least three bathroom breaks and a lot of tossing and turning. But now I can get pretty comfy and usually can make it through the night unless the baby rolls over and puts pressure on my bladder (that is what I suspect is happening, anyway). Most people (even strangers) love to throw in their predictions on whether we are having a boy or girl and everyone loves telling me that I am either “so tiny”, “about to pop”, “looking good”, or “waddling already”. So I think I am probably pretty average.

very pensive

I’ve promised family members that I would put up more preggo pics, so today I went with the Bechtolds to Ha Ha Tonka for some hiking in the beautiful Autumn weather (sadly missing Tay as he is away for work). Kate was the photographer and she tried to be super artsy, though I couldn’t keep a straight face most of the time.

Bechtold family!

Also, we made the delicious apply pie that I have been dreaming about since last Fall.  It smells so amazing and I hope the Bechtolds realize that I may eat half of the pie because my sweet husband is gone and I must eat his portion. (hee hee).

All in all, it has been a pretty amazing day (though I miss my hubby dearest), and cant wait until I can share days like today with my sweet husband and our precious baby. Life is so good.

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6 Responses to Life at 29 weeks along

  1. Caroline Brown says:


  2. Claire V says:

    Loooooove it! Thank you!

  3. Meredith says:

    YAY!!!! Such a great post. We are about 6 weeks apart I think. Good luck. I am thinking of and praying for you. The last month is always a doozie….hang in there!

  4. Katy Tullos says:

    This post made me cry and I don’t even know why exactly. It must be the mommy hormones. You look so great by the way!

  5. Amber Brown says:

    thats so awesome!!! your such an amazing sista! love you.

  6. Jessica Claxton says:

    You are looking great! I think it’s a boy. 🙂

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