Week and Weeks

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of busyness. In the words of Inigo Montoya, “There is too much. Let me sum up.”

We got Saylor a horse. Well, actually my momma gave it to him.

I, Nathan, am teaching at State Fair Community College now. I teach writing and public speaking, and the current courses are encapsulated within a four-week term, which means I teach for four hours a day, five days a week. Kinda like a part-time job! I think more opportunities will arise from this, so Kate and I (and Saylor) are excited about my new job!

Ozark Painting has completed its first year of business…and with that, we the owners have decided to put the company to rest. So farewell, OP. You’ve been good to us. Not real good. But good enough.

Kate and I travelled (I like two “l”s) to Texas for a long weekend to attend the wedding shower of my brother Adam and his wonderful fiancee Juliette. It was a really good time, complete with pre-shower bachelor party. The b.p. extended into Sunday as we Bechtold boys, along with many other friends, drove to Dallas for the Cowboys/Rams game. That stadium is out of control.

Cardinals won the World Series! The Bubby was excited.

While we were in Texas, Taylor was too – doing some work in Dallas. So Adrienne was left to tend the farm. We got everything set up so it would be pretty easy for her to just give the animals their feed every day. But, of course…the pigs escaped.

The pigs haven’t escaped from the electric fence except one other time. So we had no reason to suspect they would – except that, of course, things always go wrong when we leave town. A large limb had fallen from an oak tree and downed a section of the fence. So the piggies walked right over it, into freedom. Ultimately, they ended up in our neighbors pasture, and he and Adrienne herded them into his corral. This is the same neighbor who is currently keeping Gertie. We gave him some pork steaks for all his trouble (along with plenty of apologies). Well, the piggies are finally home now, and the fence is fixed. Now the work on Gertie’s (and the goats’) pasture fence can continue.

And, wonderfully, Autumn is here, in all her reddish-golden glory.

That’s only a snippet.

Oh, life…

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