Power, Corruption, and Raw Milk

In case you had forgotten that the tendency of all those with power is to seek more power…

In case you had recently been thinking that, perhaps, corporatism is a force for good…

In case you had begun to imagine that the marriage of big businesses with government is anything less than a treacherous, unholy union…

Have a read.

Ireland Moves To Ban All Raw Milk Sales

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2 Responses to Power, Corruption, and Raw Milk

  1. friendmouse says:

    Yeah, that even makes me mad, and I’m generally dispassionate about these type things. ‘twould appear that citizens everywhere are becoming more and more lemming-esque, huh? Or, as Rush would say, “Mind-numbed robots.”

  2. friendmouse says:

    BTW, “bubscream” is without a doubt one of the all-time greatest YouTube baby videos ever produced! WAAAAAAAAAYYY too cute!!!!

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