Chicken Recovery

I know so many of our blog-readers have been in emotional shambles ever since two posts ago, when I reported that we were missing an Easter Egger. To those readers, I offer my sincerest (though not really all that sincere) apologies.

We found Ginger.

The next day.

She must have decided to spend the night out on the town. But ever since then, she’s been cooped up with the rest at sundown, and we’ve held steady at 15 birds.

I know what you’re thinking. “That poor opossum was killed for naught!”

Naught true. He would have struck eventually – heck, maybe even that night, after pillaging poor Whiz Chiz’s food bowl, he would have had a little Ginger for dessert.

Just thought I’d set the record straight on all of that.

You can go about your lives.


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One Response to Chicken Recovery

  1. john & Carri says:

    I don’t think you killed that possum – it’s probably just playing possum –

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