The Candidates – a summary

Just my thoughts so far. As a Ron Paul supporter.

Mitt Romney – Just doesn’t want to be truly conservative. But really wants to be sexy. The politician’s politician, he wants to win so badly, and hopes everyone will forget how liberal he really is – to accomplish this, he talks around the issues, diverts all tough problems, and pretends to be a conservative.

Rick Santorum – Just stepped into the kitchen, and he’s melting. Hates Ron Paul’s incessant reminders of how non-conservative he really is. Hates being confronted with his own voting record in the Senate. Hates Iran. Seems to want to declare a war on “radical Islam” – which is nearly as ambiguous and impossible as fighting a war on “terror.”

Newt Gingrich – Plays the game really well. Scores clever points in the debates, and proves over and over that he is an expert at spinning the truth and talking around issues. With that sly grin on his face. He can’t escape his past, and doesn’t really try to – he just tries to bring everyone else down to his level. He (oddly) refers to marriage as a “sacrament.” He (oddly) criticizes Mitt Romney for trying to be a career politician. He gets irked easily.

Rick Perry – Is either too nice for politics, or too…unclever…or too much in love with Ron Paul. He continues to stand for very strange issues – apparently trying to garner the Tea Party vote, but not doing too well at it. He has published an ad that disparages gays in the military, and has said from the debate stage that he would like to send troops back into Iraq. I’m pretty sure he will vote for Ron Paul.

Jon Huntsman – An analyst recently said he’s “eyeing the exits” and that may be just right. He’s hard to pin down – he seems to be a little more willing to make some important budgetary cuts than the others, but still not in the way that we need them. Dunzo.

Ron Paul – Clearly conservative. A squeaky clean record, aside from the 20-year-old writings that he has disavowed that the media can’t leave alone. He is, as one analyst said, “a one-man wrecking crew,” because he and his campaign have effectively revealed the big-government, hypocritical, non-conservative beliefs and histories of nearly every candidate. His economic understanding is too much for the debate stage to handle, but perfect for the office of the president in our troubled times. His knowledge of and adherence to the Constitution (he is, as Mitt Romney said, a “Constitutional expert”) are crucial in a day when the government has spilled into every sector of society, over-regulating and ruining everything good. His supporters will stick with him until the end, because they know what he stands for, and that his principles are unlike those of any other man on that stage. He lost Iowa by a few percentage points, but still acquired the same number of Iowa delegates as the other two winners. He’s polling a strong second in N.H. – Romney’s big state. The media will continue to try to undermine and ignore him, but the people will push past the media anyhow. It only gets better from here.

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One Response to The Candidates – a summary

  1. friendmouse says:

    You, Nathan, are awesome! You might make a good press secretary for Dr. Paul. Except there’s lots of travel, and you may need to move from The Ozark House to D.C., which would be a bad thing. 🙂

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