Limbaugh: “Ron Paul should run for President of Iran.”

Mon., January 9, 2011


Rush Limbaugh in his radio show on Monday asserted that Ron Paul should run for President of Iran, after dealing with an impassioned Ron Paul supporter who called into the show.

In conversing with the caller, Mr. Limbaugh made the following erroneous claims:

-Ron Paul blames the United States for 9-11

-Ron Paul wants Iran to get nuclear weapons

He ended the call by strangely accusing the caller of being a liberal Democrat who was trying to undermine the Republicans’ ability to be victorious in November by supporting Ron Paul.


-Ron Paul has never accused the “United States” of being “responsible” for 9-11. His position on the United States’ global interventionism became well-known in the 2007 South Carolina debate when he tussled with Rudy Guliani over the issue. When further questioned on his stance since then, he has continually reiterated that American citizens are not culpable for the 9-11 attacks. The attackers are responsible for their own actions, and what they did was horrendous – he has acknowledged this. But, he says, their actions were motivated largely by the United States’ long history of interventionism, endless warfare, and meddling in the Middle East. These actions, according to Congressman Paul, were the results of “bad policies,” which are created by “bad policy-makers.”

-Ron Paul does not want Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. He stated this very clearly in the January 7th ABC debate in New Hampshire. He does, however, understand why Iran would want a nuclear weapon. He has previously pointed out that when Libya had nuclear capabilities, we talked with them respectfully until they got rid of them, and then we bombed them without fear. Iran is surrounded by nuclear weapons – Israel, India, China, and Pakistan all have nukes. These factors, according to Dr. Paul, make it easy to see why Iran would want to pursue nuclear capabilities. He claims that our sanctions do nothing to deter Iran’s efforts – they only make the Iranians angrier with us. “Sanctions,” according to the congressman, “are an act of war.” His theory seems to be accurate thus far, as our sanctions and talks of war have pushed Iran toward more aggressive actions – like sending ships into the Strait of Hormuz and conducting war games.

One can understand how a media personality like Rush Limbaugh would need to keep his show entertaining, and say things that his target audience might find appealing.

But untruths, however entertaining, are not becoming – especially for a man traversing the realm of politics. And as Ron Paul continues to rise in the polls, one is forced to wonder whether Mr. Limbaugh’s audience might sympathize with the positions of Ron Paul more than El Rushbo knows.

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3 Responses to Limbaugh: “Ron Paul should run for President of Iran.”

  1. friendmouse says:

    Yes, in my limited observations, Mr. Limbaugh is drifting away from many of the principles he has previously espoused. Has he ever accurately delineated those issues where he and Dr. Paul completely disagree? I truly believe the “old Rush” would have been a Paul supporter. Rush needs to get serious and contemplate whether or not he’s to remain a man of principles, or a man of expediency.

  2. fearlessbirth says:

    LImbaugh is an entertainer. I didn’t always have this opinion of him, but sadly… or maybe not sadly… that is my current view of him. He’s quite good at it actually. 🙂 Just not someone I look to for unbiased (ha) facts.

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