Happy Bubby Day

One year ago today, Kate and I became brand new parents as our little Saylor Jack was born! Bringing him into the world was a miraculous experience, but watching him grow during this last year – it’s indescribable. So we assembled a video of some of the great moments (and facial expressions) of our life with our little rascal thus far. Enjoy!

(To read about the birth, click here and here. To watch the birth video, click here.)

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4 Responses to Happy Bubby Day

  1. Katherine Shane says:

    he is so precious…there are times when I think he looks just like Nathan and times when he looks just like Kate…Happy Birthday Saylor!!!

  2. mselizondo says:

    Happy Birthday, Saylor!

    He is absolutely precious. His big blue eyes and huge smile… So cute! Kate, I emailed you some qs on Facebook. 🙂 Need some baby tips. Hope yall are doing well!!

  3. friendmouse says:

    Well, that’s just about the finest collage of the first year of a budding superstar ever produced! Simply amazing…and what a subject! A very nice “chip” from a very nice “block!”

  4. safestorm says:

    Heyo. I’ve tried to call you 3 or 4 times but apparently I have the wrong number saved. Call me as soon as you can.

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