The Pasture

When we first arrived at this farm, we began dreaming of restoring the pasture to its former glory. Since it had not been used in many years, it had become completely overgrown with trees, and the fencing was in shambles.

So, we cut down tree after tree, clearing the land for the cow we had not yet even bought.

We collected used fencing (free) from friends or even random folks on craigslist. For a while, our resolve weakened, but we would occasionally go do a little work on the fence.

In the meantime we bought a cow…and two goats. They needed a place to roam…

Finally, recently, I decided to work as hard as I could as often as I could and get the thing done. So I’ve been spending many long days out there – cutting posts, setting posts, clearing brush, stretching sections of fence, hanging gates, and running electric line.

But its completion has now come to pass. I have finished the fence! Let the animals be free(ish) to graze as they please!

Thanks to those who helped in this seemingly-eternal endeavor! So many people worked – from our neighbor Dale, who let us put Gerty in his pasture for something like 8 months, to cousin-in-law Jon who let us borrow his chainsaw, to siblings Adam and Daniel, and Dad, and Taylor who all helped cut trees, set posts, haul fencing rolls, and on, and on, and on.

Now I don’t know what to do with my free time…

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9 Responses to The Pasture

  1. Travis Brown says:

    you tha man nate dog!

  2. Mark Bales says:

    I bet you’ll think of something! Good job.

  3. safestorm says:

    I had no idea that your land had such topographical variation. I kept thinking flat plains. I love it!

  4. Christina says:

    you could use your free time to take some pictures of that beautiful fence…perhaps a fence post should contain pictures of the fence posts 😉

  5. So true. Although you can see some of them in the video, I’ll get right on that – perhaps a post devoted to the art of the fence post could be in order. Hmmm…I feel a blog coming on…

    • Christina says:

      oops…the video wasn’t loading when i first read this (just said ‘missing advertisement’). but good thing i checked back- that’s a well-made fence. looks like a lot of work! but i’d be interested in your would be fence blog too 😀

  6. Kelly says:

    Congratulations! Wish me luck as we begin the arduous process of clearing our garden spot and holding pasture on our farm… hopefully moving in this spring (after 3 long years of building as we could). 🙂 Yes, I should have started sooner but I was busy. 🙂 Looks great down there!

    • Glad you’re moving in! Good luck indeed – I’m thinking the farm life is a never-ending chore! But I’m okay with that.
      If you still want somebody to keep your Saanan buck (aka. – I’d really love to keep your Saanan buck)…my pasture’s ready for him. And so are my nannies…. 🙂

  7. Claire V says:

    Gertie is so HAPPY! That’s cute.

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