Missouri Mayhem

The media is reporting the St. Charles, Missouri caucus fiasco as a meeting that was hijacked by Ron Paul supporters.

Video evidence shows this is far from the truth.

The disorder began when the introductory chairman informed everyone that there were to be no recording devices that had not been pre-approved. When the crowd asked “Why” and made motions to have this changed, he simply said, “That’s the way it’s going to be.”

Caucuses are about rules. But they’re also about people. And one of the great things about county caucuses is that the people can change the rules. But the establishment would have none of this.

Things really devolved when, instead of accepting nominations for caucus chair and voting on them, the introductory chairman simply appointed a caucus chairman. This violates the standard procedure for caucuses – and he would not hear any other motions.

The Ron Paul people loudly protested, several were asked to leave and were arrested on trespassing charges. The caucus ended without any of the delegates being appointed.

Ron Paul supporters are not “rabble rousers” and they’re not “just foolish youth.” They are passionate voters – young and old – who are watching the dwindling of our democratic republic, who are experiencing the evaporation of our wealth, and who are committed to restoring our Constitution, and who are determined to do something about those things.

The moral of the story is that the Republican caucuses should have been more organized and less corrupted. Instead of using their pre-obtained positions to force their will, those running the caucus should have given ALL those present a “fair shake,” as Ron Paul would say.

Democracy must prevail; the people must prevail; liberty must prevail!

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1 Response to Missouri Mayhem

  1. Taylor says:

    I read the Romney supporters were along side the Paul supporters and that the santorum supporting establishment chair and other officials hijacked the caucus for their guy.

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