Obama, and How He Thinks He Was Actually Elected To Be A Dictator

The man we all know resents us, and to whom a few of us – the stubborn ones yet to admit their buyer’s remorse from 2008 – have remained sickeningly devoted: this man has gone far, far too far.

With the unconstitutional executive order (“stroke of the pen, law of the land”), he has essentially given himself (and his unelected minions within the various cabinets and departments) the authority to appropriate anything he sees fit to appropriate, any time he sees fit to appropriate it.

Here’s a sample, and the most onerous part of the order:


Sec. 201Priorities and Allocations Authorities.  (a)  The authority of the President conferred by section 101 of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2071, to require acceptance and priority performance of contracts or orders (other than contracts of employment) to promote the national defense over performance of any other contracts or orders, and to allocate materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense, is delegated to the following agency heads:

(1)  the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer;

(2)  the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;

(3)  the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources;

(4)  the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation;

(5)  the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and

(6)  the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials.

He simply must be stopped. I only know of one man who can beat him in the general elections. He’s the only man I want to beat Obama; I’m convinced, along with Judge Napolitano, and many, many others, that there is no longer a difference between most politicians, whether Republican or Democrat.

Ron Paul is different; he’s committed to liberty and the Constitution.

Our forefathers took up arms against tyranny; let us act with their courage, integrity, and conviction as we remove the tyrants from office and refuse to replace them with other tyrants who happen to follow their name with an (R).

I’ll leave you with The Judge…

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One Response to Obama, and How He Thinks He Was Actually Elected To Be A Dictator

  1. Claire V says:

    “What is you love your country but hate what the government has done to it.”

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