How Spring Seems

The forest has greenified, the chickens are munching on multifarious insects, the cow and goats are grazing in increasingly verdant pastures, and all manner of plants and trees have begun to display their wild and dazzling arrays of colors, patterns, and aromas.

Thank God for spring!

Here’s a sampling of our Ozark spring so far:

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8 Responses to How Spring Seems

  1. Anthony says:

    Looks like you guys are livin’ the good life!

  2. Winston Bearkiller says:

    Howdy friends, very much enjoyed the pics. Our spring was much like that until a bit more than two weeks ago winter for us finally arrived. Rain…Le Deluge…has turned most of the lovely flowers into sad half drowned things. But they will shine again soon. It cannot rain forever.

    By the way, I wanted to mention I came to your website through the AFWA dog board…I also have an English Shepherd, and have found what you are doing is what I have also done and am still doing. I am on 80 acres here in N CA Coast Mountains. And more, your politics could have been spoken by me they are so familiar.

    So keep on doing what you are doing. I’ll be here.


    • Thanks for the cordial comments, Winston!
      It’s great to find a fellow farmer, a fellow freedom-lover, and a fellow ES owner! We’d love to hear about your place…California is truly an amazing region (too bad about the politicians)!
      Press on!

  3. Winston Bearkiller says:

    I had to wait before responding, giving myself some time to get up off the floor. Ahhhh, yes, then there IS Sacramudhole. Many of us up here actually think Los Angeles begins at Highway 20. We pretty uniformly agree what happens in Sacramento should STAY in Sacramento.

    Relevant to Ron Paul, Sacramento, and Wazoo by the Potomoc what gives me some comfort are our local northern CA county sheriffs. MANY of them and in southern OR are members of the Constitutional Sheriffs Organization. and see many related videos on that page.

    I dearly hope these efforts materialize into something we patriots can all be proud of.

    I can’t see an email for you so I can send you a few pics of my own nonsense. Best to all of you.


  4. N&K Sister says:

    oh saylor never stops being so precious! I love him and ozark together. The wildflowers in Texas are covering the ground, it’s incredibly beautiful! Miss y’all

  5. Adrienne (Former Ozark House Dweller) says:

    I tried not to click on every picture because i know that is makes it look like you have more views on this post than in reality. 🙂 But i couldn’t help myself. Those two little ones are adorable together! I miss Saylor-man so much. Our little guy is rolling over. We are so proud of him. Love and miss you guys.

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